Alan Turner Music


Bill “Big Willie” Donahue is the seasoning and flavor behind Detroit Music Award and Inspirational Country Music Award Nominee, Alan Turner. Born in Detroit he has experimented with a wide variety music, but loves rock n’ roll and country music. Over the years he has performed in bands, played in and produced commercials and even worked as a voice over artist. Ten years ago he was the utility player (Keyboard, Mandolin, fiddle & guitar) with Alan’s first Steel Horse Band. A friendship that has continued through the years allowing Bill and Alan to work together from time to time. Bill appeared as “the preacher” in Alan’s inspirational country hit music video, “Preacher Man and Me”.

Bill recently returned to his roots and has once again found himself adding that extra flavor to Alan’s music as the utility player in the Steel Horse Band. Bill says, “It’s great backing Alan again, It’s like a family reunion. He’s a good friend and a brother in the Lord.” Bill points out that, “When it comes to playing I use classical, rock n’ roll and country influences.” He continues, “It’s love playing with the superb musicians in the band and performing Alan’s original tunes . . . the freedom and creativity brings out the best in me, in all of us and in our audiences.”